tree explorer plugin for vim - fork w/ personal ui tweaks


    - Fix broken "t" and "T" mappings, tabs now open at end (lifecrisis) #759
    - Update doc with already existing mapping variables (asnr) #699
    - Fix the broken g:NERDTreeBookmarksSort setting (lifecrisis) #696
    - Correct NERDTreeIgnore pattern in doc (cntoplolicon) #648
    - Remove empty segments when splitting path (sooth-sayer) #574
    - Suppress autocmds less agressively (wincent) #578 #691
    - Add an Issues template to ask for more info initially.
    - Fix markdown headers in readme (josephfrazier) #676
    - Don't touch @o and @h registers when rendering
    - Fix bug with files and directories with dollar signs (alegen) #649
    - Reuse/reopen existing window trees where possible #244
    - Remove NERDTree.previousBuf()
    - Change color of arrow (Leeiio) #630
    - Improved a tip in README.markdown (ggicci) #628
    - Shorten delete confimration of empty directory to 'y' (mikeperri) #530
    - Fix API call to open directory tree in window (devm33) #533
    - Change default arrows on non-Windows platforms (gwilk) #546
    - Update to README - combine cd and git clone (zwhitchcox) #584
    - Update to README - Tip: start NERDTree when vim starts (therealplato) #593 
    - Escape filename when moving an open buffer (zacharyvoase) #595
    - Fixed incorrect :helptags command in README (curran) #619
    - Fixed incomplete escaping of folder arrows (adityanatraj) #548
    - Added NERDTreeCascadeSingleChildDir option (juanibiapina) #558
    - Replace strchars() with backward compatible workaround.
    - Add support for copy command in Windows (SkylerLipthay) #231
    - Fixed typo in README.markdown - :Helptags -> :helptags
    - Rename "primary" and "secondary" trees to "tab" and "window" trees.
    - Move a bunch of buffer level variables into the NERDTree and UI classes.
    - Display cascading dirs on one line to save vertical/horizontal space (@matt-gardner: brainstorming/testing)
    - Remove the old style UI - Remove 'NERDTreeDirArrows' option.
    - On windows default to + and ~ for expand/collapse directory symbols.
    - Lots more refactoring. Move a bunch of b: level vars into b:NERDTree and friends.

    - Refactor the code significantly:
        * Break the classes out into their own files.
        * Make the majority of the code OO - previously large parts were
          effectively a tangle of "global" methods.
    - Add an API to assign flags to nodes. This allows VCS plugins like to exist. Thanks to
      Xuyuanp for helping design/test/build said API.
    - add 'scope' argument to the key map API see :help NERDTreeAddKeyMap()
    - add magic [[dir]] and [[file]] flags to NERDTreeIgnore
    - add support for custom path filters. See :help NERDTreeAddPathFilter()
    - add path listener API. See :help NERDTreePathListenerAPI.
    - expand the fs menu functionality to list file properties (PhilRunninger,
      apbarrero, JESii)
    - make bookmarks work with `~` home shortcuts (hiberabyss)
    - show OSX specific fsmenu options in regular vim on mac (evindor)
    - make dir arrow icons configurable (PickRelated)
    - optimise node sorting performance when opening large dirs (vtsang)
    - make the root note render prettier by truncating it at a path slash (gcmt)
    - remove NERDChristmasTree option - its always christmas now
    - add "cascade" open and closing for dirs containing only another single
      dir. See :help NERDTreeCascadeOpenSingleChildDir (pendulm)

    Many other fixes, doc updates and contributions from:
    cperl82 - many small fixes

    - Add NERDTreeDirArrows option to make the UI use pretty arrow chars
      instead of the old +~| chars to define the tree structure (sickill)
    - shift the syntax highlighting out into its own syntax file (gnap)
    - add some mac specific options to the filesystem menu - for macvim
      only (andersonfreitas)
    - Add NERDTreeMinimalUI option to remove some non functional parts of the
      nerdtree ui (camthompson)
    - tweak the behaviour of :NERDTreeFind - see :help :NERDTreeFind for the
      new behaviour (benjamingeiger)
    - if no name is given to :Bookmark, make it default to the name of the
      target file/dir (minyoung)
    - use 'file' completion when doing copying, create, and move
      operations (EvanDotPro)
    - lots of misc bug fixes (paddyoloughlin, sdewald, camthompson, Vitaly
      Bogdanov, AndrewRadev, mathias, scottstvnsn, kml, wycats, me RAWR!)

    - NERDTreeFind to reveal the node for the current buffer in the tree,
      see |NERDTreeFind|. This effectively merges the FindInNERDTree plugin (by
      Doug McInnes) into the script.
    - make NERDTreeQuitOnOpen apply to the t/T keymaps too. Thanks to Stefan
      Ritter and Rémi Prévost.
    - truncate the root node if wider than the tree window. Thanks to Victor

    - really fix window state restoring
    - fix some win32 path escaping issues. Thanks to Stephan Baumeister, Ricky,
      jfilip1024, and Chris Chambers

    - add a new programmable menu system (see :help NERDTreeMenu).
    - add new APIs to add menus/menu-items to the menu system as well as
      custom key mappings to the NERD tree buffer (see :help NERDTreeAPI).
    - removed the old API functions
    - added a mapping to maximize/restore the size of nerd tree window, thanks
      to Guillaume Duranceau for the patch. See :help NERDTree-A for details.

    - fix a bug where secondary nerd trees (netrw hijacked trees) and
      NERDTreeQuitOnOpen didnt play nicely, thanks to Curtis Harvey.
    - fix a bug where the script ignored directories whose name ended in a dot,
      thanks to Aggelos Orfanakos for the patch.
    - fix a bug when using the x mapping on the tree root, thanks to Bryan
      Venteicher for the patch.
    - fix a bug where the cursor position/window size of the nerd tree buffer
      wasnt being stored on closing the window, thanks to Richard Hart.
    - fix a bug where NERDTreeMirror would mirror the wrong tree

    - fix a bug where a non-listed no-name buffer was getting created every
      time the tree windows was created, thanks to Derek Wyatt and owen1
    - make <CR> behave the same as the 'o' mapping
    - some helptag fixes in the doc, thanks strull
    - fix a bug when using :set nohidden and opening a file where the previous
      buf was modified. Thanks iElectric
    - other minor fixes

    New features:
    - add mappings to open files in a vsplit, see :help NERDTree-s and :help
    - make the statusline for the nerd tree window default to something
      hopefully more useful. See :help 'NERDTreeStatusline'
    - make the hijack netrw functionality work when vim is started with "vim
      <some dir>" (thanks to Alf Mikula for the patch).
    - fix a bug where the CWD wasnt being changed for some operations even when
      NERDTreeChDirMode==2 (thanks to Lucas S. Buchala)
    - add -bar to all the nerd tree :commands so they can chain with other
      :commands (thanks to tpope)
    - fix bugs when ignorecase was set (thanks to nach)
    - fix a bug with the relative path code (thanks to nach)
    - fix a bug where doing a :cd would cause :NERDTreeToggle to fail (thanks nach)

    - fix bugs with :NERDTreeToggle and :NERDTreeMirror when 'hidden
      was not set
    - fix a bug where :NERDTree <path> would fail if <path> was relative and
      didnt start with a ./ or ../  Thanks to James Kanze.
    - make the q mapping work with secondary (:e <dir>  style) trees,
      thanks to jamessan
    - fix a bunch of small bugs with secondary trees

    More insane refactoring.

    - hijack netrw so that doing an :edit <directory>  will put a NERD tree in
      the window rather than a netrw browser. See :help 'NERDTreeHijackNetrw'
    - allow sharing of trees across tabs, see :help :NERDTreeMirror
    - remove "top" and "bottom" as valid settings for NERDTreeWinPos
    - change the '<tab>' mapping to 'i'
    - change the 'H' mapping to 'I'
    - lots of refactoring


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