glitch art themed randomized lockscreen

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glitchlock: a glitch art themed randomized lockscreen. powered by i3lock-color.

![glitchlock preview](

(note, the lock screen is **NOT** animated. this gif is just a few examples of it's random output)

## table of contents
* [about](#about)
* [how it works](#how-it-works)
* [security](#security)
* [requirements](#requirements)
* [customize](#customize)
* [more](#more)

### about

i do [glitch art]( for fun. i was messing around w/ one of my shell scripts and thought: this would make a cool lockscreen! after a bit of research and refactoring here we are.

### how it works

the script takes a screenshot, then datamoshes it. optionally overlays an image (one for each display) then uses that image as the background for the lockscreen.

### security

this lockscreen has the potential for information leakage, since it uses a screenshot of your active screen. i made this for fun and personal use, please take care and weigh your opsec and personal threat model before deciding to use this. 

a workaround i like is setting up your screen very nicely w/o any secret info in it and taking a screenshot. then replace line #9 in the script (`scrot /tmp/lock.png`) with a command to move your pre-setup screenshot into place (e.g. `mv ~/lib/img/lock.png /tmp/lock.png`) then let the script randomly glitch that image out everytime.

### requirements

* i3lock-color
	* the "ricing" fork of the lockscreen application
* scrot
	* the premiere nix screen shot tool
* imagemagick
	* image manipulation toolkit

if you're using arch they can all be installed from the community and aur repos:

`yaourt -S i3lock-color-git scrot imagemagick`

### customize

if called alone, the script will take a screenshot and glitch it. but you can optionally pass an environment variable named  `GLITCHICON` to the app and it will center that image on each display and overlay it on the glitched image.

an example of calling the script on `MOD4+ESC` using [sxhkd](

# lockscreen
mod4 + Escape
 GLITCHICON=/home/x0/src/glitchlock/stop.png /home/x0/bin/glitchlock

### more